Album Review: Peace – Kids In Glass Houses


By Chris Fung

It’s been a while since we’ve heard some new material from these guys but now they’re finally back with a new album and it was certainly worth the wait. Welsh alternative/pop-punk outfit Kids In Glass Houses have unleashed their 4th studio album, Peace, which sees them return to a more bouncy, pop-punk formula. The band have combined some of the experimental elements found in their 3rd album, In Gold Blood, with the pop-punk sound from the first 2 albums, Smart Casual and Dirt, which has resulted in them creating their biggest sounding album to date. Peace is all about epic choruses and creative instrumental hooks that make it one of my favourite albums of the year.

Kicking off with the title track, the high standard is already set and continues throughout the album whilst maintaining its bouncy epic feel throughout and only slowing down for moments in the tracks Novocaine and Nightcrawler. The album demonstrates an effective use of synthesisers in combination with the guitars, a formula the band touched on with In Gold Blood. However this time round the formula is used to up the pop-punk aspect of the band’s sound more which is one of the factors that makes the album so catchy. It can definitely be said that Peace is the band’s ‘poppiest’ album yet with some songs such as Set Me Free being an up front pop song driven largely by synthesizers combined with rock driven energy. Frontman Aled Phillip’s ability as a vocalist has shone on all of the band’s releases and he continues demonstrate this along with his ability to deliver big choruses on Peace, which are a big selling point on the album. The whole band has certainly proven their worth as songwriters and musicians with the album as they’ve created their most exciting album yet.

Standout tracks for me include the title track which has a fantastic sing a long chorus that should prove to be a real favourite in live shows. Black Cloud is another must hear from the album which is a fine demonstration of combining all the elements that make the album stand out with synthesiser backed verses and a massive chorus too. Stormchasers is probably the biggest sounding track on the album with an absolute belter of a chorus and a great bouncy build up during the verses.

To sum up, Peace is an incredibly addictive album that leaves you wanting more so naturally it’s one of the those albums that you can easily listen to on repeat and have a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience with each listen. After seeing the band in Manchester Academy 2 on their recent UK tour in support of the album, I can solidly confirm that a lot of the new songs fully deserve a place amongst the band’s greatest anthems. Peace is certainly up there as being one of the best albums of the year and so a massive congratulations has to go to the band for creating a must hear thrilling collection of songs.


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