Interview: Hackney Colliery Band

Heather talks to Hackney Colliery Band about playing with Jamie Cullum, having their OWN BEER (!!!), playing the Olympic closing ceremony and much more!

Part One


Part Two!


It was an absolute dream to chat to the guys, and a bit of a relief to find out that they’d all lost their voices too! Just before the interview they were imagining the band in 9 zorb balls. They’re a fun bunch, and completely down to earth. I couldn’t resist having the sousaphone in the picture as well.

The gig was even better than I’d expected. They played mostly tracks from their new album,  A Bit of Common Decency out on Wah Wah 45s, home of the Part-Time Heroes, a Mostly Mobo favourite. Particularly great were Creeping Around After Dark, their cover of Kanye West’s All of the Lights and, of course, the ultimate party favourite cover of Toto’s Africa which the band paraded out to. The album also features a medley of Prodigy’s Jericho, Out of Space and No Good which went down really well at the gig. The essence of the whole gig was positivity and energy which was just magnetising. The strength with which they deliver the sustained and powerful notes but also the delicacy with which they broach the lush, prolonged harmonies is what makes their gigs so varied and exciting. Hackney Colliery band isn’t just for people who like brass, but for people who like to have a bit of fun. And that I did.



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