Gig Review: Little Comets – 05.02.14 @ Club Academy

By Tom Cheetham

It was approaching the end of Little Comets fantastic, vigorous performance at the Club Academy, when lead singer Rob Coles summarised the bands motives perfectly. “We don’t do encores, we don’t do big light shows, we just do music we care about and we hope it comes across that way”. Rob’s statement wasn’t wide of the mark, mixed in with the energy and joyous guitar sounds the band produce, there was an underlying tone of genuine passion about their songs and what they stood for, none more so than during the set-closing song, Coalition of One. A new song, that can be found on the soon to be released The Gentle EP, the song is the bands way of voicing their opinion, mainly anger, at the politicians who run the UK. It is a refreshing stance for bands in the 21st century to have ‘serious’ motives behind their music other than just making money.
Opening the set with another new song from The Gentle EP, Little Italy, immediately the crowd, who’d been brilliantly warmed up by energetic support act, Catfish and the Bottlemen, were delighted to see there heroes from the North East. Crowd favourites Jennifer and A Little Opus were up next to get the enthusiastic crowd really in the full swing of things. This was before Little Comets tore into a set of old classics such as Joanna and One Night in October, mixed in with songs from their most recent album, Life is Elsewhere, including my personal favourite, Worry as well as another new tune from The Gentle EP The Blur, The Line and the Thickest of Onions. Bearing in mind, it was the first night of their two and a half week tour; the boys managed to keep the crowds happy, with a well-ordered and structured set list (which can be seen below). Overall, the passion shown by the lads from the North East of England really did make the crowd feel involved with the set and it led to a joyous and well-deserved rapturous applause as the boys and fans departed off into the freezing Manchester night.

If you enjoy a cheerful, jovial atmosphere and you appreciate the sound of energetic guitar riffs and emotive vocals, then the best thing you could do would be to go and see Little Comets in the near future.

Set List:
Little Italy
A Little Opus
Violence Out Tonight
Waiting in the Shadows
One Night in October
Bridge Burn
The Blur, The Line and the Thickest of Onions
Western Boy
Dancing Song
In Blue Music We Trust
Coalition of One


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