Album Review: The Fresh Dixie Project- Dress Pretty, Dance Ugly

By Heather Wall

the fresh dixie

Fresh and melodramatic, a fusion of jazz, pop, swing and rock, The Fresh Dixie Project are certainly something original.

Their new EP, ‘Dress Pretty, Dance Ugly’ was out a couple of days ago, and this is my prognosis…

‘Over The Water’ with its handclaps and folky / Arctic Monkey-esque intro is a huge track to begin the EP with a really rock’n’roll beat. Next is the swinging ‘No Illusion’, which vocalist and frontman Jamie Johnson part croons, part declares. He’s got an incredibly mesmerizing voice. One thing so special about the Project is their jazz roots which is shown so well in the third track on the EP. ‘Pay My Way’, reminds me strangely of comedy duo Monsieur and Madame Thénardier from Les Mis with its theatrical saxophone elipses and harmonies. Next, ‘Break, Bend and Fold’ is curiously klezmatic, re-emphasising that theatricality which makes the band so exciting to listen to. Last on the EP is ‘Witch Hunt’ which begins small, and builds momentum, climazing in a huge chorus – the formula the band are so good at.

Other favourite bits? The huge, theatrical piano rolls Ben Golding treats my ears to. The band is so tight, so clean sounding.

Marks out of 5? It has to be 4/5, not because the music was incomplete or not good enough, but simplly because I don’t believe that this is all that the band have to offer.
Enough chat. Just go listen to it.

And check out their website for gig listings!



fresh dixie


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