Gig Review: Dexters – 1.04.14 @ Night and Day Cafe

By Tom Cheetham

NME once defined Dexters as “brash guitar anthemia of the very highest order” and last night the boys from East London proved how they acquired that moniker, with a lung busting performance that had Night and Day Café rocking. With their debut album, Shimmer Gold, having just been released (17 March 2014) they are an up-and-coming band that you don’t want to miss.


Starting with the opening track from the album, Cloudfest, it was evident that the raucous crowd were in for an absolute treat, and they were not to be disappointed. The electrifying riffs, combined with the passionate vocals leave you with a burning desire to see the band again and again.They rattled through more anthems from the album including first single, Recover, and personal favourite Start to Run, each song being performed with as much passion and verve as the last. After each song lead singer Tom Rowlett thanked the crowd for “coming out and making it a special evening for us”. The title single from the album Shimmer Gold was played and it was obvious to see that this was already a big hit with the crowd, and it was evident in the smiles on their faces that the band enjoyed it just as much. The night came to an end with crowd favourite Oceans; Rowlett threw himself into the crowd to enjoy the alcohol-fuelled party that was taking place during the climax of the evening.
By the end of the gig, it felt like Dexters gave the crowd every last bit, and the crowd had reciprocated with the passion, sweat and booze.

9.5/10 (everyone knows that sadly 10s don’t exist)

Shimmer Gold is available on iTunes or if you are a true music fan and want a hardcopy, it can be found here:


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