Interview and Mix: So Flute + A Competition!


Our lovely Heather Wall was lucky enough to interview Co-Founder and Resident of So Flute, Danuka, ahead of So Flute’s set at Soundwave Croatia. Read the interview below and check out the exclusive mix Danuka kindly did for us too which you can download for free! Also scroll down to see how you can win two tickets for the festival; don’t say we never gave you anything!



For those of us who aren’t yet familiar with you, give us three words to describe your signature sound.

The music we play at the night can be described as… Soulful, Warm, Vibrant.


Your name is unusual, where does it come from? 

So Flute is the name of a record produced by Saint Germain. We were all very much into Saint Germain at the time when we began discussing starting a club night. When brainstorming a name for the night, So Flute came on and we all commented on how the song had everything within the production that we wanted from a club night, soul, jazz and energy. So we decided to go with that.


What has been/will be your biggest track of the summer so far?

Very difficult call. It could be something like a track from the new Sonzeria Album that gets a lot of plays, or it could be a classic that someone pulls out from no where. I’m planning on playing, Rare Pleasure – Let Me Down Easy, whenever I can as it’s a bit of a classic that people will hopefully recognise and has a lot of danceability! (to quote the dynamic, MC Kwasi).


Who are you most excited to see at Soundwave this year? 

Madlib’s DJ set is gonna be a bit of an experience I reckon..! I’m very intrigued as to what he’s gonna play. Probably, and hopefully, some mind- bending jazz. Then Scruff will be amazing for sure. And finally, I’m looking forward to Alexander Nut’s set on our boat party on the first evening.. he’s too good and one of our favourite DJ’s, without doubt.


What 3 key items mustn’t you forget for a boutique beachfront festival such as Soundwave?

Tweezers ( incase a Sea Urchin gets you ) , Brandy Iced Coffee’s ( for hangovers ) , After Party Tickets



Listen to Danuka’s promo mix below and download it for free too!


Also we are running a competition for 2 free tickets to Soundwave Croatia. Just email the track of the artist you are most excited to see to and we will decide our favourite track. The winner gets two tickets to the festival!



Soundwave Croatia – @soundwavecro







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