Show Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
9:00-10:00 Big Players, Small Talk//Fresher Fever with Nisha and Haider Mike’s Magic Music Show Retrovolution The Big Cheese with Katie and Maisie
10:00-11:00 Video Killed The Radio Star NRG Fergal Kinney’s Velvet Goldmine Avin a Laugh with Nige and Crumpet Face//Broken Beats Three Guys, One Mic
11:00-12:00 Sarah and Benz: Going Global Badvice from Green and Flynn INDIEpendent with Robert Reggae Roots Radio The Hangover Cure
12:00-13:00 Cordy and Noami’s Mixtape Delorean North and South with Emma and Matt Rob and Tom’s Reel World Jukebox Jams English//Maths The Hangover Cure Duncan Willis
13:00-14:00 In The Mood with Katie Savin The Hip Hop Chip Shop Back in Time PM/FM Bonce and Laura’s Full Brazilian Why Always Missed? Pick n Mix
14:00-15:00 Pickled Beatz with Kirsty & Amy FE Essential Mix Folk and Friends with Edward Bennigsen Maj and Louis’s Mash Up Three’s A Crowd, with Kalps, Stranks and Becky Why Always Missed? Have You Heard Of?
15:00-16:00 Urban Hour with Adrienne Music and Chat with Freddie and Jack Wild Music Pinty and Rovira’s Open Letter to Music Made in Manchester Ben & Kris’ Big Football Talk Soulful Sounds with Jim
16:00-17:00 Marissa’s Mixtapes Afternoon Tea with Jack Southern News Show//Infuse with Louby Reed The Ben and Georgie Show Deadbeat Joe’s Radio Show Ben & Kris’ Big Football Talk Danny Grogan’s Music Show
17:00-18:00 Caspar Stevens Just The Tip News Show//Out and About with Gavin and Emma The Mancunion Music Show Talking 40’s  Tatton Groove with Alex Raybould Beat in Time
18:00-19:00 Gospel//RAT Literature//Mostly MOBO Physics//The Indie Bible with Abi Politics//Live and Dangerous Life Sciences/History Lukey-Walkey Do The Day Beat in Time
19:00-20:00 The Club Corner with Dally Erasmus Radio Exchange Indie Buzz with Mark Holland Hot Damn Hancock Hour Soul Train Travelling Soul
20:00-21:00 The Goob and Sam Sessions Jenny King’s Theme Club//The Big Tasty Lovespread RTM Show The Weekend Warm Up with Chris Vaughan Risky’s Cellar Underground and Old School Sessions with Faris and Wise
21:00-22:00 Radio Cambodia The Sweet and Sour Hour Trans-Radio Express Ad Hoc B4 @ Fuse FM Cphas Dance Music Show Nana’s Music Round Up

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